Adtiya Sharma

Aditya Sharma

Atlanta, GA B.S. Computer Science @ GSU May 2022


My work in CSS and JavaScript.

If we check and click submit, the background color will become red. Once we uncheck and click submit it will change to blue. Used the validator function to check if the background color would work.

The background colors change at a slow pace. Each color in each division is out of 100%. Initially the background color is set to blue, then at 20% its to yellow, 40% is red, and so forth.

I have rotated the box using CSS3 and animation techniques. Used Keyframes slide and rotation to do the necessary animations. Used opacity, to fade the box.

My research projects under Development.

Stock Predictor

Using the sentimental analysis to predict the Tesla stock market through news API. Sentimental analysis quantifies how positive or negative a particular text is. Langugage used is python.

Mafia Game

This game will randomly assign each player a Villager, Angel, or Mafia. Based on the number of players, it should accurately calculate the correct number of villagers, angels, and mafia. Language used is Java.


  • August 2022 - January 2024
  • Implemented enhanced user interface workflows for retrieving comprehensive order details from CloudSQL. This involved creating new RESTful endpoints within a Node.js environment, utilizing the Express framework. The data is then fetched and dynamically rendered in React.
  • Worked on migration of order error processor framework from GCP Datastore to on-prem MongoDB. Updated SQL queries to MongoDB queries and related objects in the Java Spring application.
Northview High School Web Development Team
  • August 2017 - May 2018
  • Help maintain and update the High school website with 5 other team members. Focused mainly on frontend-development of the website, such as updating faculty/staff in a database system and giving overall feedback of the UI.